There are plenty of DIY ways to book your travel arrangements. However, none of these relatively new methods can come close to the benefits provided by working with a real life, carbon-based, travel agent. Still doubtful? Well this should help change your mind. The American Society for Travel Advisors has found that the top three reasons why people employ a travel expert are to save planning time, avoid mistakes, and improve the quality of the overall trip. Need some more convincing? ASTA studies have found that people can save upwards of 3.5 hours in planning and more than $300 per trip by going through a travel expert – what’s the old saying…money talks?

The Travel Agent Industry is Booming

Empire State building? Check. Biggest ball yarn? Been there and done that. Our parents have done it, our grandparents have done it and in most cases, our great grandparents have done it. Travel has changed in so many ways. People are looking to experience new adventures today – exclusive experiences that cookie cutter services like Expedia cannot deliver. Most people have very little time to themselves, and it can sometimes take up to three years to accumulate enough time off and the finances for a vacation, so they don’t want just another vanilla trip.

According to the ASTA, the Census Bureau’s 2015  figures show that US travel agencies are responsible for employing 105,085 individuals. This is an 8% increase over the past five years. Yes, you read that correctly, an 8% increase over the past five years.

One-of-a Kind Personalized Vacations

Part of being human is our ability to communicate with one another. This is especially true in both sharing our desires and truly understanding the wishes of others. Now ask yourself, can a machine do that? Didn’t think so. An agent spends their career refining their craft and building a wealth of insider knowledge, which they then use to advise others accordingly. They’ll know for instance, that the best deals for cruises are available during wave season, so that’s the best time to make the necessary arrangements.

This insider knowledge naturally extends beyond simple transportation logistics. This wealth of knowledge is based off of years of networking, attending expos and conferences, visiting hotels, going on cruises, and other such first-hand experiences. This vast amount of knowledge for the places and people that an agent visits and interacts with are what makes them an invaluable asset when a traveler has specific needs, such as dietary restrictions or a disability. Group trips are also far easier to plan when you sit down with a professional who has experienced the layout of hotels and restaurants that you are considering first hand.

As the travel industry continues to grow and become ever more specialized, a well-versed agent can tailor a trip to meet the most pointed of niche interests. The above points are just a few of many reasons why an individual, family, or large group should let the pros, like the team at Travel Beyond Limits, share their knowledge and get the most out of their globetrotter adventures!

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