Hold the phone! Do you mean to say that you’ve never experienced the wonders of a cruise?! Why is that? Maybe its because you think a cruise is nothing more than a floating booze palace chock full of old people. Or is it the stereotype that all cruisers want to eat their weight in burgers. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong! It’s about high time that you let go of those preconceived notions. There are a plethora of reasons why you should give cruising a go. Who knows, a cruise might be the total opposite of what you expected. Here are 10 awesome reasons why you should seriously consider going on a cruise!

1) Cruises are the anti-boredom jackpot

There really is something for everyone! There are swimming pools, gyms, ice rinks, climbing walls, wave-machines, putting greens. Not to mention basketball courts, dance classes, table tennis and fitness classes for the sporty cruisers among us. Furthermore, there are stunning shows, a cappella groups, string quartets, and cinemas will captivate those who prefer to be entertained.

There are even spas, hair salons, and luxury retails shops for those who enjoy the pampered life. For the academics out there, there are art classes and historic lectures that will expand your mind. Lastly, there are wine/vodka tastings, cocktail bars, karaoke competitions, dance parties, casinos and night clubs for the night owls.

Cruise Activities

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On the other hand, it is 100% possible to do nothing at all on a cruise. You can honestly just kick back and relax if you prefer. Seriously, there is zero pressure to do any of the activities if you don’t want to partake. As with any community, you’re welcome to take part in the things you enjoy and avoid the things you don’t.

2) You’ll experience a fresh, new world every day

You seriously cannot beat the exhilarating experience of arriving in an exciting new world each morning. You’ll spend one day sunbathing in the Cannes and then wake up to explore the wonders of Rome. It really is amazing to consider that you can visit so many places in such a short period of time. Best of all, doing so requires little effort on your part while on a cruise.

3) All kids love cruising

Children of all ages will love going on a cruise. There are numerous activities for children. Better yet, its extremely easy for them to make friends in a safe and secure environment. Some ships are flat out ginormous and may seem like a maze at times. However, children quickly learn to navigate their way around the decks with their new friends in tow!

4) Cruising = Culture

Cruising is an excellent way to ease your children into a dash of culture. You’ll be amazed at how much children enjoy cultural experiences when presented in small doses. When they do get tired of checking out ‘ancient ruins’, you can always take them back to the ship’s kid’s club!

Cruise Culture

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5) Alcohol policies

All cruise ships have very strict alcohol policies, which is great if you’re traveling with teenagers. The minimum drinking age on most ships is 21 years of age. However, cruise lines based in Europe, South America, and Australia, offer some sort of waiver system. Children between the ages of 18 and 20 can drink if their parents sign a waiver.

6) The food is phenomenal!

The standard and choice of food are stellar. Whether you opt for fine dining or poolside BBQs, you can find something delectable any time of day or night. Many cruise lines will include several formal evenings throughout your trip, but they are by no means mandatory. YOu can always dine in one of the more casual restaurants if you wish.

7) Fresh itineraries and ports of call

The major cruise lines frequently reinvent their itineraries and add new ports of call. This means that even the most seasoned cruisers will find somewhere new to explore. There are wine cruises, Grand Prix cruises and even a Strictly Come Dancing cruise. It’s honestly hard to imagine any other kind of escape that can provide you the opportunity to see so many places and do so many things! Cruise lines are currently visiting around 2,000 locations from the islands of the Caribbean to the glaciers of Alaska, from the Mediterranean to the Baltic, from Northern Europe to Australia. It really is a big, wide, world out there!

8) The people are amazing

You’ll have the opportunity to meet intriguing people from all over the world while cruising. In a community of roughly 3,000 people, there will be a diverse mix, including those with whom you can easily relate to those you flat out cannot. Just like the previously mentioned activities, you are by no means obligated to interact with anyone unless you genuinely want to do so. If you’re traveling on your own, cruising is a superb way to find companions. On a typical cruise, you are bound to meet singles, couples, families with kids of all ages, honeymooners, grandparents, and groups of friends from every corner of the globe.

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